I’m currently a Freshman at Berkeley City College.  I live in Oakland, and previously served a six-month internship in Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s Office.  I care about the pressing issues of environmental sustainability and also about the challenges of pursuing social, economic and racial justice. I’m now volunteering with the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project. In an era of rapid change it is crucial that all of us who are youth or young adults get involved in our communities. West Oakland Environmental Indicator Project is a great non profit and it would be great for youth to get involved with them or any other non profit that focuses on helping our community! I welcome everyone to get involved in their community. I encourage everyone to think critically about how you can help make the city and neighborhood you live in better and equitable. This may include developing a core group of friends that go to community centers or schools to educate youth about environmental justice and how to make a positive impact.

The mission of WOEIP is “to enhance the quality of life in West Oakland, by building local grassroots capacity for leadership and positive change, while maintaining the historical and cultural integrity of the neighborhood. Our work aids residents in understanding the political, social and natural forces that impact their lives.

We aim to build community capacity by engaging as many people as possible in making West Oakland into a model sustainable neighborhood. We give impacted residents the tools to participate in these processes and to drive change from the bottom up. Our goal is to motivate, inspire, and organize people to bring opportunity and well being to all.

We believe that a thriving community begins with the participation of each individual. Out of many backgrounds and understandings we can speak with one voice. Consensus can be built, one person, one conversation at a time.

We also hope to connect global resources to Oakland’s initiatives and people, prepare residents for jobs, serve as a nexus for educational and nonprofit programs, and champion innovative programs that exercise economic and human development principles such as sustainable businesses.” From WOEIP Facebook Page

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